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Bringing new people into your company may be the most important thing you do. Selection errors are costly. HR Service Team uses innovative techniques to recruit and help you hire the person who best meets your business needs. We have experienced recruiters who have one goal – finding you excellent candidates. Our recruiters understand that experience and job competencies are important but cultural fit also plays an important role. Our job does not stop after the person is hired. We have on-boarding tools to help the new hire be productive as quickly as possible.  

Organization – HR – Recruiting Strategy

Staffing is the heart of HR – more than any other HR function, staffing connects the HR generalist / recruiter to the business.

Human Resources (HR) Outsourcing Company Services for Staffing

Developing a Staffing Strategy is not a simple task. HR Service Team develops plans that are company specific. Our plans include:

  • Company specific situation analysis
  • Labor market analysis
  • Customized sourcing, filtering and selection methods
Reorganization Tool Kit

Have you ever worked with a manager who cannot justify his staffing requirements? We have developed a Reorganizing Tool Kit to help you. Our took kit is based on:

  • Organizational fit within the company
  • Detailed analysis of the current structure
  • Changes in the business
  • Desired performance versus current performance
  • Impact of the change
  • Communication

Do you have an on-boarding strategy that reaches out to the new hire from the time the offer is made through their first several weeks on the job? A well thought out on-boarding process will save the company money and leave the new employee feeling good about their decision to join your company. HR Service Team has sample processes that will help you.

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