Human Resources Outsourcing Services

HR Services

HR Service Team creates a one-stop shop for HR solutions. We are specialized into six of the HR Practice areas.

  • HR Team Cloud
  • Employee Benefits
  • Compensation and Performance Management
  • Recruiting
  • Training and Development
  • Onsite Consulting

Our Business Model is simple: we deliver high quality, cost-effective services and solutions. We have a seasoned team on staff. Our staff will know your company’s business model and your department policies. We will apply our skills and experience to help you meet your commitments economically, on time, and in a fully professional manner. For those one-off situations that require outside expertise, we bring in equally experienced partners to get your job done to your specification.

HR Strategy and Branding Services

HR Team Cloud

Simplify your HR function with HR Team Cloud. 
Benefit Design and Management Services

Employee Benefits 

A competitive benefit plan is crucial to attract and retain skilled workers but how can you deliver solid programs at an affordable cost to the employer and employee? We can help you choose a plan that is right for your business.

Compensation Management Services

Compensation and Performance Management

Compensation planning is much more than market matching and ensuring that the salaries paid align with the company's ability to pay.  Let our team help you tie Compensation to Performance Management.

Staffing Services


Bringing new people into your company may be the most important thing you do. Selection errors are costly. HR Service Team uses innovative techniques to recruit and help you hire the right person.

Talent Management Services

Training and Development

A company needs top performers. HR Service team can help you design and deliver training programs that engage employees and enable them to be successful.

Human Resources IT Systems

Onsite Consulting

Everyone needs help from time to time.  We provide onsite consulting to help you meet your HR needs.