Christopher Dinsmore – Resident Graphics Artist/Marketing Consultant

Christopher Dinsmore

Chris graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in Art/Multimedia Design. Chris understands that it can be difficult to communicate ideas. He has a unique ability to take ideas and concepts and turn them into a visual display without many prototype designs. Chris is an intense listener and excellent communicator.

"I believe if you do not have the time to listen to the client, then you do not deserve the client’s time. There is always more than one-way to come to a conclusion, it's my job to research each path. Today, we can all see that reaching people can be pretty easy; keeping them interested is the task at hand."

Key things to know about me:

"I do not work 9 to 5, so when you have an idea, there is never a bad time to contact me. When I see someone excited and involved in a project, that's when I know that I am doing my job. I love music, art and in the fall, I watch entirely too much football."